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Why restaurants need to eliminate tipping now

But over the past few years, there has been hot debate on whether or not the tipping system should be eliminated completely. Some tipped employees reportedly discriminate against customers and are paid below the minimum wage. Employees may also tolerate harassment in an effort to earn more tips, according to reports.

8 ways to actually get rid of your dark under-eye circles

You wake up, look in the mirror, and see dark circles under your eyes. But how did that happen? You slept for 8 hours last night — isn't that enough? There are actually many factors that cause under eye circles but fortunately, there are also many easy fixes. INSIDER spoke with celeb makeup artists and dermatologists to find out what simple lifestyle changes you can make to reduce those dark circles.

Here's why you actually love being scared

Many people love horror films, despite the fact that they bring our heart rates up and even make us scream. Part of the reason people like being scared by movies is because our brains know we're safe. The body also releases dopamine when we're scared, creating a state of arousal similar to when we're excited.

8 common food pairings you'll be surprised to learn you should totally avoid

America loves its food combo classics: burger and fries, peanut butter and jelly, wine and cheese, and hot apple pie with ice cream. But some delicious combinations are doing your body more harm than good when eaten together. INSIDER spoke with several health and food experts to find out which food pairings you should avoid for improved health and wellness.

8 signs you're not drinking enough water — even if you think you are

Three out of four Americans are chronically dehydrated in the United States, according to DripDrop. And unfortunately, most people are not even aware that they're not drinking enough water. Unbeknownst to you, your body is telling you that you're dehydrated in ways you may not even realize. INSIDER spoke with several doctors and health experts to find out how to tell if you need to drink more water.

8 things that happen at 5-star hotels that employees don't want you to know

Top hotels have a reputation to uphold in order to serve the elite and keep them coming back. But these hotels also have a few well-kept secrets to maintain the 5-star realm. These hotels have perks they don't advertise to guests, and you'll get a better stay if you have status, tip well, and stay at the hotel regularly.

10 sleeping habits that are sabotaging your chance at a good sleep

But even though they are getting on average 25 more minutes of sleep than most others, the quality of their sleep is suffering. Habits like staying up late, using electronics, and drinking before bed all can wreak havoc on your sleep cycle. INSIDER spoke with several sleep experts to find out what habits are most harmful to getting a good night's sleep.

6 things Americans get wrong about Chinese food


My first kiss ever will be on my wedding day — here's why my fiancé and I decided to wait

Though I'm now engaged, there are a few reasons I'm still holding out. Through abstinence, my fiancé and I have learned to trust, work together, communicate, and much more — contribute to the future of our marriage. My fiancé and I decided from the start not to kiss for the duration of our dating relationship and engagement because of our trust in biblical principles.

You probably didn't realize how fast coffee expires — here are 5 expert tips for storing your beans

There are a number of ways to brew coffee: to press, to pour over, to siphon, and more trendy methods are sure to evolve. Each will affect the flavor of your coffee a little bit differently. But besides the method, did you know the way you store your coffee can also makes a difference in your cup of joe?

Here's what honeymoons looked like the year you were born

The custom of the honeymoon goes back to the fifth century in Western Europe. Couples were given a 'moon' worth of mead, roughly equivalent to one month, at their weddings. Mead is an alcoholic honey wine that newlyweds would traditionally drink together. It was believed to be an arousing beverage which the couple would binge on for the next 30 to 40 days to then get drunk enough to establish sexual intimacy.

Yes, it matters what kind of onion you use in your dishes — here's how to cook them to perfection

Yet, this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to preparing onions. INSIDER spoke to several chefs to find out how to put your onions to good use in the kitchen. "I have always felt bad for the rare person that comes into the restaurant and says that they are allergic to onions. It seems like a sad existence to me to not be able to enjoy the beautiful flavors of an onion,"



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