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10 things I would have done differently at my wedding

There is a lot to think about when you are planning a wedding. You might not get to do everything you wanted or realized things you were missing on the big day. These are the things I would have done differently, having been through it.

14 things you didn't know were recyclable

Although it's obvious that you should recycle your water bottles, it's less obvious eyeglasses and other obscure items are recyclable. You can recycle your phone, laptop, and most other electronic devices. When the word "recycling" comes to mind, most people think of soda cans, water bottles, and cardboard boxes.

11 pieces of technology experts say could be obsolete in a few decades

Every decade, there seems to be a significant innovation that changes how we live our lives. With these advancements, other technology can become obsolete. Flash drives, cell phones, and cable TV are a few of the things that tech experts suggest could become obsolete in a few decades due to current or predicted advances in technology.

9 ways to strengthen your relationship in the new year

Whether or not your relationship is struggling, almost everyone can benefit from a few relationship tips for a strong start in the new year. INSIDER spoke to a relationship expert and discovered that bettering yourself on an individual level can actually have positive effects on your relationship. Focusing on your own role is a vital step in bettering the relationship as well as decreasing the urgency for sameness and spending time together.

6 foods you should be eating for healthier skin this winter

As it gets chillier, you may notice the cooler weather has begun to wreak havoc on your skin, hair and nails. While cold temperatures can definitely play a role in this, it’s also possible that your diet has something to do with it. Nutrient deficiencies can sometimes show up in the form of hair loss, dry skin or brittle nails.

Only 12 TV shows received a perfect score on Rotten Tomatoes this year, here they are

Rotten Tomatoes recently released their annual best-reviewed television shows of the year. This year, YouTube's "Cobra Kai," the Netflix original, "Dear White People," and NBC's "The Good Place" made it to the top of the list with 100% scores from the critics. Recent seasons of "Vida" and "Big Mouth" also earned a 100% score from critics.

15 limited-edition seasonal treats to try before they're gone

Reese's Pieces Trees and Gingerbread Men Peeps are twists on seasonal favorites. Godiva Hot Cocoa Toppers are a perfect host or hostess gift. Market Pantry Sugar Cookie Milk and Bigelow Eggnogg'n Tea are limited edition holiday beverages worth trying. Although the holiday season has quickly arrived and is quickly coming to a close, there is still plenty of time to stock up on your favorite hot cocoa, peppermint, eggnog, gingerbread, and other seasonal-flavored treats before they're gone.

10 foods you should be eating more of as you get older

There are some foods that are packed with all the nutrients you need to stay healthy as you get older. The cabbage family is an incredibly important group of vegetables to have in your diet. Your metabolism and health change a lot as you get older. By your late 20s, you likely will notice that you can't eat the same things you once did and still feel good and as such, your diet may become more of a priority.
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6 medical questions you should ask your family to better predict your own health

Some medical conditions are hereditary or influenced by your genes, so it can be proactive to learn more about your family's medical history. In some cases, it can help you start taking the appropriate steps if certain diseases or conditions do run in your family. To spark that conversation, INSIDER spoke with several doctors to find out which questions you should ask your family to better understand your health.

Why you're attracted to certain people, and not others

When it comes to love, most people have an idea of what they're looking for in a partner. Good looks, ambition, and a good sense of humor are common qualities that people seek out. But there are other factors you're likely unaware of that play an important part in who you're attracted to. Past experiences, proximity, and biology all have a role in determining who catches our attention and who doesn't.

11 things that can happen when you're sleeping that seem weird but are actually normal

Sleeping is a time for your body to recover from a hard day's work. While sleeping, it's not uncommon to experience seemingly weird things, like sleep talking or even sleep eating. Some people also experience sleep paralysis and some have dreams within dreams. Sleep is a time for your body to enjoy some peace and quiet.

The US airlines most and least likely to mishandle your luggage

Each year, thousands of suitcases end up separated from their owners due to airline baggage mishandlings. Although many of these missing suitcases eventually get to the right place, some never do. Just last month, the US Department of Transportation (DOT) issued their latest airline travel report that lists the mishandled baggage stats for August 2018.



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