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6 medical questions you should ask your family to better predict your own health

Some medical conditions are hereditary or influenced by your genes, so it can be proactive to learn more about your family's medical history. In some cases, it can help you start taking the appropriate steps if certain diseases or conditions do run in your family. To spark that conversation, INSIDER spoke with several doctors to find out which questions you should ask your family to better understand your health.

Why you're attracted to certain people, and not others

When it comes to love, most people have an idea of what they're looking for in a partner. Good looks, ambition, and a good sense of humor are common qualities that people seek out. But there are other factors you're likely unaware of that play an important part in who you're attracted to. Past experiences, proximity, and biology all have a role in determining who catches our attention and who doesn't.

11 things that can happen when you're sleeping that seem weird but are actually normal

Sleeping is a time for your body to recover from a hard day's work. While sleeping, it's not uncommon to experience seemingly weird things, like sleep talking or even sleep eating. Some people also experience sleep paralysis and some have dreams within dreams. Sleep is a time for your body to enjoy some peace and quiet.

The US airlines most and least likely to mishandle your luggage

Each year, thousands of suitcases end up separated from their owners due to airline baggage mishandlings. Although many of these missing suitcases eventually get to the right place, some never do. Just last month, the US Department of Transportation (DOT) issued their latest airline travel report that lists the mishandled baggage stats for August 2018.

The biggest benefits — and drawbacks — of eating Greek yogurt over 'regular' yogurt

From 2008 to 2013, Greek yogurt quadrupled in production. For some reason, it has made its way into many households and has ultimately transformed the yogurt industry. But do you have any idea why? Is it just another food trend or is it legitimately "better" than "regular" yogurt? INSIDER spoke with several experts to explain the differences between Greek and regular yogurt and if it really lives up to its hype.

10 warning signs that you may need to change your diet

When you've eaten way too much ice cream and get a stomachache immediately after, it's pretty obvious what you're eating had an effect on your body. But sometimes, the body communicates in more subtle ways telling us that our bodies aren't loving what we're eating. INSIDER spoke with several medical professionals and nutritional experts to determine what signs your body may be giving you to change up your diet.

10 totally normal things that can happen to your body after having sex

In those first moments after you've been intimate with someone, you're probably feeling pretty good. With so much happening and the fact you're probably tired, it's no surprise you're not focussing on what's going on with your body. Because sex involves the entire body, you may experience some reactions that seem a little off but are actually pretty normal.

5 things you do every day that are good for the environment and 5 that are hurting it

Every day, we go through our daily routine and whether we realize it or not, our habits have an impact on the environment around us. Sometimes, it's something more obvious, like choosing to throw a water bottle in the recycling bin rather than the trash can. Other times, it's less obvious, like running your dishwasher at night rather than during the day.

7 coffee hacks that can save you time and money

Whether it's your first cup of the day or a mid-afternoon pick-me-up, coffee can not only makes you feel good but also give you the jolt you need to carry out the day. But if you're a habitual java drinker, you may have realized that after a while, this love of coffee certainly adds up. In the interest of saving you time and money on your coffee addiction, INSIDER asked several coffee experts to share their favorite hacks.

16 sayings only people from the Midwest will understand

The American Midwest is known for its cornfields, cheese, and friendly folks. But if you're visiting the Midwest, you may hear some phrases you're unfamiliar with. Here are 16 quintessential Midwestern sayings, from someone who grew up in the Midwest. What is known as a "water fountain" or "drinking fountain" most everywhere else in the US, in some parts of the Midwest, it's known as a "bubbler."

The differences between 10 different types of milk — and how to know which you should be drinking

With so many choices out there, the type of milk you choose really comes down to what health benefits you are looking for, what limitations you have, and your personal preference. INSIDER spoke with several dietitians about the potential benefits and drawbacks of 10 different types of milk. Cow's milk is a high source of important proteins, vitamins, and minerals, Lauren Smith, MS, RD, LDN, of Dietitians of Palm Valley told INSIDER.

10 of the most beautiful lattes from around the US

Good coffee is great, but even better when complemented with beautifully intricate designs, bright colors, and glitter. In recent years, it's clear latte art has become a more appreciated art and is now basically competitive sport. To give you a sense of the seriousness of latte art, INSIDER found the most stunning lattes you can find around the country.



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