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8 surprising differences between dating in France and America

If you've ever fantasized of being in a French romance, it may be different than how you imagined. In terms of the progressive dating culture that exists today in the United States, dating in France is very much a traditional experience. "The French remain eternally classic and old-fashioned in their manners like their dating norms,' relationship expert Margaux Chetrit told INSIDER.

8 things that happy couples have in common

With Valentine's Day just around the corner, happy couples seem to be all around us. But whether you're in a relationship right now or not, have you ever wondered what has made you and your significant other so happy? eHarmony released a new study discussing the happiness of couples in America. INSIDER spoke with eHarmony's Chief of Advice to get the scoop on what the secrets are to a happy relationship.
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Canada Testing Blockchain Based Travel Identity System

The Government of Canada announced, at the World Economic Forum (WEF) last week, it will test a new program called the Known Travel Digital Identity (KTDI) system. The goal of the system is to improve security and flow of international travel using cryptography, biometrics, and distributed ledger technology, according to WEF.

Canadian Beer Tax Panic Over-Hyped

On April 1, the government plans to increase the tax on local and imported beer by under 2 percent. The tax, however, won’t affect prices much when you break it down, according to economic experts. Currently, the federal tax on beer is $31.84 per hectoliter. The increase will bring it to $32.32 per hectoliter, according to Beer Canada spokesperson Brittany Moorcroft.

5 ways to find a good-quality bra — and keep it that way

Women have been wearing bras since the roaring '20s, so you would think by now we would have figured out how to find, wear, adjust, and wash them properly. But alas, problems finding and keeping a good bra continue to be a thing even in the 21st century. Once you find a good bra, however, it obviously won't last forever.

The healthiest meal at these 7 major fast-food restaurants

The task of getting fit is on many people's minds at this time of year. Unfortunately, not all of us have the time to meal prep which can really put you in a bind when you're on the go. To help make your fitness journey a little easier, we've compiled a list of the healthiest items at the top fast-food restaurants so you can reach your New Year's resolution and still live your best life.

8 little things you’re doing that are causing breakouts

Adult acne. Just when you thought you were a grownup, a big zit makes an appearance right above your lip on date night. It's puberty all over again, but how can it be? Why is it that you still get acne past your younger years? The reality is that your everyday habits are having a bigger effect on your skin that you may realize i.e. your diet, makeup routine, and where you sleep.

Chewing a lot of gum could be messing with your body— here's how to know if it's a problem

Many people chew gum as a harmless habit or to keep their breath fresh. Some reported benefits of chewing gum even include reduced stress levels and fewer cavities. Obsessive gum chewing can even be the sign of an eating disorder. Chewing gum. It keeps your breath fresh, your teeth clean, and some surveys have even claimed that it reduces stress levels.

Cannabis Cultivation Has Drastic Environmental Risks

With plans to legalize marijuana before this July in Canada, there have been recent discussions about what cannabis production will look like and how it will affect the environment. Because marijuana plants require a lot of water and artificial light when grown indoors, they consume a lot of energy.

Packaged Food Have Failed To Lower Sodium Despite 2016 Target

Efforts to reduce sodium in processed foods have failed, according to the report recently released by Health Canada. In fact, the targets were so off that the report shows that sodium levels in some foods have actually increased. Needless to say, Health Canada’s strategy to lower sodium levels has resulted in a reduction of salt that is “much lower than anticipated,” the report states.

New Montreal Plastic Bag Ban

As of the new year, Montreal implemented a plastic bag ban – the first major Canadian city to do so. Former mayor Denis Coverer’s administration passed the bylaw in 2016 and current Mayor Valérie Plante is moving forward with it. The new bylaw bans lightweight plastic shopping bags, specifically ones less than 50 microns (or 0.05 millimeters) thick.

$14-An-Hour Minimum Wage Kills Small Businesses

As of January 1, Ontario raised its minimum wage from $11.60 to $14.00—a 21 percent increase. This change was enacted thanks to Ontario’s Fair Workplaces, Better Jobs Act, 2017 also known as Bill 148. The Bill was created with the intent of supporting workers and their families to create fairness and opportunity in Ontario’s changing economy.



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